Our story

Origin of MeloMelo
Melo Melo started with our simple love for coconuts. We're committed to making and serving delicious, natural, and healthful desserts. Every good dessert starts with the best ingredients, and we source the best tasting fruits and milk we can find. When it comes to quality ingredients, you can taste the difference. The old adage goes: you get what you pay for. We've found that often to be true, so we don't skimp or cut corners with cheap ingredients. We've always had high standards when it comes to choosing what we eat, and that carries over to what we serve. You get our very best in every bite.
Why Glass Jar
We choose to serve our desserts in glass jars instead of plastic for two reasons. First, making coconut jelly is a hot process, and we just can't be sure if pouring hot liquid jelly into plastic jars poses any kind of health risks or not. And we don't want to take any chances with the well-being of our guests or team members. Second, glass jars can be reused any number of fun and useful ways and can always be recycled. That's a beautiful thing, when you consider the growing volumes of plastic waste in our environment that will practically never break down. We believe only a healthy environment can yield the healthy ingredients that we use to make our delicious desserts.
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